Mamburao Occidental Mindoro, PhilippinesMamburao Occidental Mindoro, PhilippinesMamburao Occidental Mindoro, Philippines


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I'd like to invite you to experience Mamburao - retreat and relax as Mamburao captivates you. Mamburao is a place like no other, a place which possesses the beauty of simplicity, and where time stood still. Only two and a half hours away from Batangas.

Feel the cold water on your skin after a scenic but rough trek to the falls of Gumaer. Bike thru the lush Acasia trees that cover the way in Tayamaan. Swim and snorkel in Dungon, and discover the Caraoisan Reef. Take a boat ride down the river and at dusk stroll down the shoreline of Fatima and marvel at the spectrum of colors that you'll see. 

Beauty knows no bounds as Mamburao possesses such...

Because that's what Mamburao is, a serene, friendly, and just simply beautiful.