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Palay is the major crop produced in the municipality, planted in 3, 580 hectares of farm or 42.90%, followed by corn with 820 hectares or 9.83% and coconut utilizing 275 hectares or 3.30% of the total 8,345.365 hectares agriculture land. In 1991, majority of 70.90% are being devoted to temporary crops while area planted to permanent crops constitute to 8.20 % or  616 hectares. For the year 2007, the plans and programs of the agriculture sector geared towards the enhancement of agricultural through better agricultural technology which are also in consonance with the Food Security Program of the National Government.


Fishing is another significant economic activity in Mamburao. In fact, the municipality is an exporter of tuna to mainland Luzon and other countries. Yellow pin (Tambakol), Gulyasan, Tulingan and other coral fish like Lapu-Lapu are marketed outside the province such as Cavite, Lucena, Lemery, and Navotas in Metro Manila. To date tuna fish are just local consumption. For the year 2007 there is an adequate marine fishery production specially Bangus and Prawns and other sea foods.

However, use of illegal method (trwl, dynamite, etc) is prevalent which deteriorates and destroy marine ecosystem. To increase fishery production, the Department of Agriculture through the Local Government Unit implanted artificial reefs within municipal waters aims to improve / rehabilitate breeding grounds for marine species and coral reef preservation. The Municipality is strictly implementing R.A. 8550 (The Fishery Code of the Philippines) to preserve and protect fishing grounds of the municipality.



Jopson Farm now Jopson Aqua Livestock Integrated Resources Incorporated (JALIRI), which lies in Barangay Tayamaan occupies a total land area of 280 hectares. Majority of land use are pasture land. Crops being produced include seedless watermelon and honeydew. Seedless watermelons are being exported to other countries while honeydews is for local consumption. At present, the farm is highly dependent on Tuguilan River and spring as water source. To cater the needs of the farmers, JALIRI is known as producer of certified palay seeds.

Mamburao is known as a carabao mango producing town. Cognizant to this fact and in support to the “One Town One Product” Program of the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), the Local Government Unit of Mamburao through the Municipal Agriculture Office provides technical assistance to the town’s mango farmers/growers.


Industries prevalent in the area are based on the available raw materials and natural resources. Since the municipality is a coastal area, dried fish processing is the common industry, which includes, bagoong and patis making.


Barangay Poblacion is the center of commercial activities in the municipality. There are two existing markets within the municipality the Kanluran Market (Main) located at Barangay 7 and one satellite at Barangay Payompon (Silangan Market).

The National Food Authority (NFA) functions as a major buyer of grains (rice and corn) in the locality. Harvests are locally consumed and reached other areas such as Batangas, Romblon, Quezon, Manila and other nearby provinces. Marine products are being exported in other areas particularly Luzon and Metro Manila through concessionaries. Mamburao fishing port becomes central station for hauling of good quality harvest. Locally made patis and bagoong and dried fish marketed outside and within the province.

Through the years, steps are being made to promote industrial and commercial growth in the municipality. The Local Government Unit encourages the establishment of small scale and export oriented industries utilizing indigenous materials. The existing commercial establishment includes sari-sari store business with some engaging in wholesale or retail or both, restaurant, general merchandizing, meat fish and vegetables vending. Today, some are also engage in concrete product manufacturing, fabrication of steel windows, furniture making, ironworks and others.


The development of scenic and scintillating beauty of beaches in the municipality has become the reason of massive campaign in promoting the whole municipality as tourist destination. While tourism is still in its infancy, resort operations are going to great lengths to ensure that the natural wonders of the town are preserved. Pleasure and enjoyment combine with environmental protection so that future generations may still experience the pristine wilderness of Mamburao. These are the resorts which are located at Barangay Tayamaan, Fatima and Payompon. Mamburao Westmont Beach Resort has facilities suited for water sports. Other beach resorts boast of their modern facilities, pristine water and native cottages as their main attractions. The ALLI Beach Resort formerly Tayamaan Palm Beach, Mina de Oro Beach Resort and Cliffview Beach Resort located at Barangay Tayamaan provided a long stretch of unsullied beaches. These and all others cater to foreign and local tourists.

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