Mamburao Occidental Mindoro, PhilippinesMamburao Occidental Mindoro, PhilippinesMamburao Occidental Mindoro, Philippines

Municipal Ordinance No.93-03

Town Ordinance | 1994 | Municipal Ordinance No.93-03

                                          Republic of the Philippines                
                                        Province of Occidental Mindoro               
                                       MUNICIPALITY OF MAMBURAO               
                                    OFFICE OF THE SANGGUNIANG BAYAN
PRESENT           : HON. VICE MAYOR, ALAN T. AQUINO,   - Presiding Officer  
    HON. LOPE T. TRAJECO, JR.  - SB Member   
    HON. GERARDO S. TAMAYO   - SB Member   
    HON.JACINTO A. OLFATO  - SB Member   
    HON. NESTOR R. VILLAR  - SB Member   
    HON. CESAR F. VERDERA  - SB Member / Designated Secretary   
    HON, ZENAIDA F. LACUESTA  - ABC President   
ABSENT            : HON. ROGELIO T. ABELEDA  - SB Member   
    HON. EDUARDO V. REGUDO  - SB Member   
    HON. DONALD L. TADEJA   SB Member   
Series 1994
93-03, SERIES OF 1994
             BE IT ON ORDAINED by the Municipal Council of Mamburao, Occidental

              SECTION 1) Title - This ordinance shall be known as the Traffic Ordinance
of Mamburao, Occidental Mindoro.

              SECTION 2) Scope -  Title - This ordinance shall govern the use of
public streets by motor vehicles and regulate the floe\w of taffic within the

               SECTION 3) Parking, loading and Unloading Zones. 
           a)  Kanluran - for passenger buses and jeeps bound for paluan, the
parking, loading ang unloading zone is at sison street from the corner
Rizal Street Southwards. When parked on this area, there shall be
no blowing of horns and/or playing of loud stereo music to avoid dis
turbance particulaly to the government offices adjacent to thje area.
           For passenger jeeps bound for Abra De Ilog (Matabang Port) the
parking, loading or unloading zone is at the front of Ex- Mayor Sernando '
residence along National Road.
           For passenger jeeps bound for Abra De Ilog (Town Proper) the
parking, loading or unloading zone is at Del pilar Street from the
corner of the salvador Street eastward.
          For tricycle bound for Tayamaan, San Luis and Tangkaln , the parking,
loading and unloading zone is at Salvador Street between Del pilar St.
and Rizal street.
         For tricycle bound for poblacion and payompom  areas, the parking
loading and unloading zone is at Salvador Street, between Rizal Street
and and San Jose Street.
         For Vehicles unloading voluminous goods to Public Market (Bldg. B)
the unloading zone is at San Jose Street from the corner of market
building Westward.
         b) Silangan - For passenger jeeps and buses bound for Sta. Cruz,
Sablayan and San Jose, the parking, loading and unloading zone is at the area
eastward of a New road (Road 4).
        For  tricycle bound for poblacion and payompom  areas, the parking,
loading and unloading zone is at the left portion of the road (Road 1) the
road perpendiculsr to the  post of the market gate.
        For tricycle bound for Balansay, Fatima and Tabalaan,  the parking loading
and unloading zone is at the left portion of the road (Road 1) perpendicualr to P. Viana St.
(Payomon) from the line perpendicular to the second post of the market gate
eastward up to the line perpendicular to the corner of th market gate.
         For Vehicles unloading voluminous goods,  to Payompon Market the unloading
zone is a P. Viana Steet (Payompon)  St. from the Northwest corner of the New
public Market Southward.
          SECTION 4. Loading and Unloading of Passenger and cargoes.  
    a)  Passenger jeeps and buses are strckly prohibited to go  around
the town to load or unload passengers and cargoes. They are only allowed
to load or unload within the designated loading and unloading zones.
    b) Passenger buses bound for San Jose with morning schedule trips
are permitted to go around the town from 3:30 A.M. to 5:00 A.M. provided
there shall not be blowing of horns to avoid public disturbance.
    c) Tricycles and cargo trucks are also allowed to load passengers
and cargoes elsewhere in the town provided that the places like thec desig-
nated one waystreets they are only aloowed to unload passenger and
cargoes and this shall be done in speedy manner to avoid traffic conges-
tion in that busy places.
                     SECTION 5. One Way Street - Salvador St, (a) from National Road to corner
Del pilar St.  (b) from Rizal St.  to  Del  Pilar  St.  and   (c)   from Rizal St. to
San Jose St.  are one way thoroughfares. Rizal St.  From Sison St.  to corner
Servando St.  is one way; then Servando St. from Junction Rizal St. to Del Pilar
St. is also one way. Del Pilar St. from junction Servando St.  to Salvador St.
is alos one way.
                     P. Viana (Payompon) St. from National Road to the southwestern corner of
Occidental Mindoro National High School (MNHS); then from the Market  (Road 5)
leading to National Road.
                     Road 2 from the corner of the road I then Road 3 leading to P. Viana
(Payompon) St.
                   SECTION 6. No - U - Turn. When passing through Rizal St. U- turning of all
vehicles are not allowed on the area covered by the intersection of Rizal St.
And Sison St.
                     SECTION 7.   No Parking - Rizal St. from Sison St. Westward shall be no
parking area for passenger buses, jeepneys and tricycles.                 
                     SECTION 8. Sign Boards and Markers.  
                          a)  Traffic singboards shall be installed conspiciously in all desig-
nated places for the proper guidance and compliance of all concerned.                   
         b) Markers to show the boundaries of parking area for vehicles
as per Section 3 of this Ordinance shall be painted on the cemented
road and shall be installed on uncemented roads. Markers distance shall
be six (6) meters from the edge of cemented road perpendicular to
the concerned street.
         SECTION 9) Parking Fees  - Parking Fees  for the different public utility
vehicles are on the daily regardless of the number of hour of times the
vehicles stayed on the parking area with following rates:
      1. Passenger Jeeps - - -           10 .00 daily
2. Passenger buses - - -            15.00 daily
3. Tricycles        -  -  -  -             3.00 daily
         SECTION 10. Collection of Fees - The collecting of parking fees shall
be the responsibility of the Municipal Treasurer or his deputies anf in
no case shall be delegated to any othewr persons.
         SECTION 11.  Appropration  - The appropration for the purchase of
signboards/markers materials and labor is hereby tossed to the Municipal
Development Council for possible funding under the 20% Development Fund.
         SECTION 12.  Penal Provision - Any violation of any of the provisions
of this ordinance for tricycle will pay a fine 20.00 for first offense;
30.00 for the second offense 50.00 for third offense and/or imprisonment of
one (1) day to thirty (30) days at the discretion of the court. For buses,
jeepneys will pay a fine of 50.00 for first offense,  80.00 for the second
offense, 100.0 for the third offense and/or imprisonment of one (1) day to
thity (3) days at the discretion of the court.
         SECTION 13. Repealing Clause - Municipal Ordinance No. 89-02, series of
1989, Municipal Ordinance No. 91-04, series of 1991 Municipal Ordinance
No. 92-03, series of 1992  and Municipal Ordinance No. 93-03, series of
1993 are hereby repealed and amended.
         SECTION 14. Separably Clause - If, for any reason or reasons, any
part of provision of this ordinance shall be held unconstitutional or
valid, other parts or provisions hereof which are not affected thereby shall
continue to be in full force and effect.
          SECTION  15. Effectivity Clause- This Ordinance shall take effect upon
its approval.
          ENACTED AND APPROVED by the Sangguniang Bayan of Mamburao, Occidental
Mindoro thios 3rd day of May 1994.