Mamburao Occidental Mindoro, PhilippinesMamburao Occidental Mindoro, PhilippinesMamburao Occidental Mindoro, Philippines

Facts and Figures


Generally, the climate of Mamburao is tropical and invigorating varies according to the elevation of the locality. At the vicinity of Mamburao Bay, it is relatively cool because of sea breezes and from the mountains and forest areas makes the climate of the town mild and healthful/

The municipality has two pronounced seasons. The dry from November to April and wet from May to October. Temperature and humidity are uniformly high with little seasonal variations. The typhoon usually occurs in the month of August to November and the area is sometime flooded.

The southeast monsoon prevails in the month of June to September and northeast monsoon in the month of December to February. The winds are available ranging from 15-30kph. The temperature is relatively high and the most humid occurs from July to October while least is the month of April.

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