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To implement and manage an integrated Solid Waste Management System including the collection of household garbage and trash, recycling, solid waste disposal, and the execution of programs and projects that enhance neighborhood cleanliness and  community responsibility.


The Solid Waste Management Department provides services such as residential and commercial trash collection and disposal, large item disposal, recycling, graffiti removal and cleanup support.


•    Operating the Municipality’s final disposal facility in compliance with Republic Act 9003.
•    Enforcement of provisions of RA 9003 and Municipal Ordinances
•    Educating the public about waste segregation, recycling and responsible waste disposal.

The Solid Waste Management Board thru the WWMO initiated an Integrated Solid Waste Management Plan (ISWMP) to assist the Department in setting short-term and long-term goals for a sustainable, comprehensive solid waste program.


Municipal Ordinance No. 1, series of 1998 – An Ordinance Instituting a Garbage Disposal and Management System and Providing the Fees and Penalties for Violation thereof.

Municipal Ordinance No. 19, series of 2009 – An Ordinance Requiring the Segregation at the Source of All Household, Institutional, Industrial, and Commercial Waste and/or Garbage into Wet or Biodegradable and Dry or Non-Biodegradable Pursuant to Republic Act No. 9003.

The Curve System of Collection Resources

•    2 Dump truck
•    1 Garbage Compactor 

•    3 Administrative Staff
•    3 Drivers
•    20 Mambu Aide (Clean Municipality Programs)
•    10 Eco Aide

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Solid Waste Collection Schedule and Disposal Fees

    Barangay 9            Monday & Tuesday
    Barangay 1&3             Tuesday
    Barangay 2             Wednesday
    Barangay 4&5            Thursday
    Barangay 6&8               Friday
    Barangay 7                 Saturday
    Seabreeze, Aroma     Sunday
    Public Market
     & Slaughterhouse   Everyday

Note: For amendment


Residential     Php 10.00 per month
Commercial Establishments    
    5 square meters or less
    26-50 square meters
    51-100 square meters
    More than 100 square meters but less than 200 square meters
    More than 200 square meters but less than 500 square meters
    More than 500 square meters but less than 1,000 square meters
    More than 1,000 square meters     5.00 per month
10.00 per month
15.00 per month
20.00 per month
25.00 per month
50.00 per month
100.00 per month

Note: Subject to change upon approval of the Revised Revenue Code.

Municipal Task Force on Climate Change
“Education, Information, Mitigation & Adaptation”


How can you control climate change?

Climate change is a global problem, and yet each one of us has the power to make a difference. Even small changes in our daily behavior can help prevent greenhouse gas emissions without affecting our quality of life. In fact, they can help save us money.

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Tag-ulan sa Tag-araw

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What is Climate Change?
IRR of Republic Act 9729 (Climate Change Act)
Know More About Climate Change (A PowerPoint Presentation)

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